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The purpose of Wine Inspired is to spread the magic of connecting, laughing, and learning over a glass of wine.  Kara began her wine journey in Napa Valley.  What was supposed to be a quick summer adventure in Napa, turned into a lifelong pursuit to grow in the knowledge and sharing of wine.  Once her dream was realized, she achieved the title of certified sommelier.  After years of traveling to wine regions around the world, endless study, and even moving to NYC to gain wine experience, she is ready to share it all with you.  




Wine Tastings provide the perfect way to gather with friends and learn something new, while doing it.  Let Wine Inspired create a memorable experience for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home.  You will gain a greater appreciation for wine as your sommelier guides you through an engaging tasting.  Visit our Tastings page for more information about how Wine Inspired can create your personal tasting.

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 Wine Inspired wants to help make your next event completely unique.  There is always a reason to celebrate and especially with wine.  From the simplest gathering to the most involved, we will make sure to provide a wine experience tailored to your needs. Visit our Events page to learn more about how wine can play a role in your next event.  


The desire for wine knowledge is growing constantly.  Whether it be restaurants wanting to provide their staff with wine intelligence, businesses wanting to display wine list prowess for client dinners, or enthusiasts seeking to expand their minds, there is always a reason to learn.  Wine Inspired can provide you the most approachable, engaging, and enjoyable ways to increase your wine knowledge.  Visit our Education page to learn more about our offerings.

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